Scar Revision


After sustaining a significant injury or wound on your body, the healing process can be unpredictable. Usually, deep wounds will heal with a scar. While scars can happen any time you damage the skin, many unsightly scars are a result of poor healing of the connective tissue.

Scars can be an unsightly reminder of your injury, and while they may fade over time, they will generally stay on your body forever. Some scars are so severe that they leave the area of the body looking completely disfigured. If you have a scar you are self-conscious about, visit PHX Plastic Surgery today for a scar revision consultation. Here is what the scar revision procedures can entail.


Scar Revision Consultation

If you have tried to remove your scar using over the counter products, you have most likely had little success in achieving the results you desire. Unfortunately, even plastic surgery is not a foolproof method for completely erasing or removing a scar. However, our techniques will provide a dramatic improvement in the appearance of the scar.

Results will vary depending on the severity of the scar. Your plastic surgeon at PHX Plastic Surgery will be completely transparent about the results you can expect prior to undergoing any scar revision procedure.

Scar Revision Procedure

The method of the procedure will depend on the severity of the scar, which includes how deep it is, what size it is, the color of the scar, and the location of the scar. Common scar revision procedures include:

  • Injectable Treatments
  • There are various injectable treatment options for scar revision that can help reduce the appearance of your scar. These treatments fill the depression of a scar, creating a more even skin tone.

  • Surface Treatments
  • Surface treatments are utilized to reduce irregularities of scarring and reduce the pigmentation of scars. Surface treatments are a popular option for patients suffering from acne scarring. There are various surface treatments available to improve the cosmetic appearance of the area, including Microneedling, PRP (platelet rich plasma) injections, laser resurfacing, and intense pulsed light therapy.

  • Surgical Revision
  • For very severe scarring, surgical revision may be necessary. In this procedure, the surgeon will make a precise and calculated cut that is deeper and wider than the scar. Then, the plastic surgeon will use a specialized closing method to reduce the appearance of the scar, leaving an end result that is more cosmetically pleasing than the original scar.

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Because each and every scar is unique, we require each patient to come in for a consultation so we can examine the scar and establish the best type of revision for the patient’s individual needs and goals. We will work to set expectations and develop a pre and post revision plan to encourage the absolute best results. Contact us today to schedule your consultation at PHX Plastic Surgery.

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