PHX Plastic Surgery in Peoria, Arizona offers a multidisciplinary approach to treating hand fractures.

At PHX Plastic Surgery, Dr. Jason D. Johnson can treat simple to complex hand fractures. We provide the highest level of comprehensive medical care from the initial examination to postoperative care.

Dr. Jason D. Johnson stays in constant communication with the patient’s primary care doctor, the hand therapist and radiology, all to restore the patient’s hand function with optimal healing.


Patient History and Examination

Dr. Jason D. Johnson can make a fracture diagnosis after a complete physical examination and review of medical history. Dr. Jason D. Johnson will check the position of the fingers, range of motion and determine if there is any numbness in the fingers consistent with nerve damage.

Hand Fracture Treatments

Hand Fracture treatment at the PHX Plastic Surgery may include:

  • Conservative (non-surgical) treatments
  • Hand surgery

Conservative (Non-surgical) Treatments

Most fractured hands can be realigned without surgery. You will typically be placed in a cast, splint or fracture-brace to immobilize the broken hand bones and hold them in place. The cast will probably extend from the fingertips up past the wrist almost to the elbow. This broken hand treatment ensures that the bones do not move.

The cast for your hand fracture is usually worn for three to six weeks. Gentle hand exercises can probably be started after three weeks. Afterward, the finger may be slightly shorter, but this should not affect the ability to use the hand and fingers.

Hand Surgery

Hand surgery is sometimes required when the bones are unstable as in a compound hand fracture in which bones visibly pierce the skin. Fractured hand surgery is also necessary if bones are shattered, often the result of a crushing injury. If your hand requires surgery, your doctor can implant wires, screws or plates in the fractured hand to hold the pieces of bone in place.

After the hand fracture has healed, Dr. Jason D. Johnson may remove the implants or may leave them in place. Additionally, Dr. Jason D. Johnson may request to examine the hand periodically to ensure that the joint doesn’t tighten during healing.

Joint stiffness after a hand fracture surgery may be experienced due to the long immobilization period. Recovery exercises can help restore strength and range of motion. Dr. Jason D. Johnson may recommend seeing a to can help you regain movement.

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