Breast Augmentation

By far one of the most requested procedures, Dr. Jason D. Johnson and the staff of PHX Plastic Surgery are experienced in the art and science of breast augmentation. The goal is not to simply make breasts look larger; Dr. Johnson knows his job is to make several carefully discussed decisions with you first. Those choices will then become the basis for natural looking breasts that have the sustainable size, shape, position, and feel you’ve always wanted most.

Who is a good candidate for breast augmentation?

Consider these questions:

  • Are you disappointed with the size of your breasts?
  • Would your body be more proportional with larger breasts?
  • Are you bothered by asymmetry between your breasts?
  • Do you want to replace breast volume that was lost due to pregnancy, weight loss or aging?

Any of these conditions may make you a good candidate for augmentation, especially if you are at a non-fluctuating weight and, ideally, if you are done having children. (However, many women are delighted to know that breastfeeding with augmented breasts is certainly possible.)

If you are seeking “perkier” breasts and would like to eliminate major sagging, augmentation alone is not the solution. You will likely benefit most from a breast lift, or in many cases, an augmentation and lift combined. Dr. Johnson can help you determine the best choice.

Dr. Johnson also welcomes patients who seek corrections or alterations to a prior augmentation. Sometimes patients desire a change to a different implant material or want their implants removed. Regardless of the reason, Dr. Johnson is available to make adjustments to augmentations performed by other doctors.

How will Dr. Johnson provide the most natural-looking size, shape, position, and feel for your body?

One of the first questions most patients have is whether to use silicone or saline implants. During a thorough consultation, Dr. Johnson will discuss with you the brands of implants he uses, to help you decide the option that is right for you. No two women are the same; some will choose the look and feel of sterilized saline and some will choose what are commonly known as “gummy bear” implants for their cohesive cross-linked molecules of silicone. Each option is FDA-approved and with equal levels of safety and risk.

Most patients are pleased to know that all implants have a very low failure rate—only about 1% each year. It’s important to consider that implants must be regularly monitored and you may eventually need to replace or remove your implants due to long-term changes in your body that can create asymmetry, scarring complications known as capsular contracture, or other reasons.

The materials and surgical methods for these devices have advanced steadily, and today’s options allow for an amazing number of variations in order to give each woman the natural looking results she seeks for her body. (No more worrying about being spotted across the room as the one with the “boob job.”) Based on your anatomy and desired outcomes, Dr. Johnson will not only teach you about implant material, but also explain the nuances of the size and profile of your implant. Any issues with asymmetry between your breasts will also be addressed during consultation.

How will Dr. Johnson insert my implants and what is recovery like?

Your procedure will be performed on-site in Dr. Johnson’s accredited surgical suite, in the same convenient location of all your prior appointments. Year after year, Dr. Johnson has accommodated out-of-town patients, and his staff is happy to help arrange for convenient hotel stays near the time of surgery.

Depending on the individual’s health prior to surgery, including their level of success with smoking cessation, their age and their fitness level, recovery time will average around 1-2 weeks initially, and 3 months over the long-term. Many patients are able to resume light activity within 1-2 days. Wound healing usually takes 5-10 days, after which you may return to work. Additional healing will continue over the next 3 months. Dr. Johnson will inform you of your expected recovery time during your consultation and post-operative appointments.

In many cases, patients may safely obtain other procedures during breast augmentation sedation. The “mommy makeover” package, which may include a tummy tuck and liposuction, is a common choice as well as a breast lift. If you’d like to reduce surgery fees and recovery time, be sure to discuss your options with Dr. Johnson.

Among the many options today for cosmetic and plastic surgery, breast augmentation proves to be one of the most easily tailored procedures according to an individual woman’s body and desired results. This is why it continues to be one of Dr. Johnson’s favorite surgical options to offer.

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